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Buying a Horse

Whether you are looking to purchase your very first horse or are a more seasoned buyer looking for a competition horse, Clare can help you! She is well connected across the U.S and U.K and utilizes those connections to help you find the perfect partner, whatever your discipline.

Clare has found horses for non-clients across the United States as well as almost all of her own client base and has built a great reputation for handling all facets of the process, making your part of shopping as exciting and easy as possible. Clare is available to travel anywhere in the world to facilitate your buying experience. Feel free to read some of the reviews written by satisfied customers and contact us to discuss your needs.

Drew & Carrie

We utilized Walnut Farm’s brokering services to find a suitable horse for our 15 year old daughter. We are pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Clare Walker, owner of Walnut Farm. Clare is a knowledgeable and trustworthy equine professional who will successfully guide you through her detailed process of rider assessment, locating, evaluating and transporting an appropriate prospect to achieve your riding goals.

Clare collaborates with you in a thoughtful, team-oriented way to develop a plan from start to finish and future development. It seems more and more service providers do not listen to the customer and only serve themselves. Clare defies this model. She listens and is attentive to your inputs. She is ever mindful of budget constraints and efficient with your time. Clare is an excellent communicator and no detail escapes her. She takes the time to explain every step of the process and answer every question so there are no surprises along the way.

Within the industry Clare has the competence, credibility, and an extensive network of contacts to locate a suitable horse that will match your abilities, temperament, and purpose. Because of Clare’s accomplishments and proficiency as a riding instructor and competitor, she was able to conduct a review of our daughter’s personality, riding abilities, and future goals. She developed profiles of 5 excellent horses that we were able to ride and assess in a very condensed out-of-state travel window. Only the rider’s preference distinguished the final choice among the 5 prospects, all of them were appropriate. She remains engaged after the sale and encourages consultation in the development and status of our horse.

Purchasing a horse is a significant investment of resources with potential for high stress and risk. Clare’s professionalism, competence, attention to detail, and communication skills ensures that your risk is significantly reduced and even a pleasurable experience. Her services are exceptional and exceeded our expectations. We enthusiastically recommend Clare Walker to help you find your future prospect horse and fully intend to seek her services again in the future. Please contact us directly to discuss further.

Amber Roberts-Graham

Clare helped me find a new partner to rebuild my confidence after riding a less-than-suitable one for several years. I was her student but had only known her for about six months, at the time. I asked her to find one that would help me meet twin goals: learning to develop a young horse as well as learning to go Eventing.

Clare has an incredible eye for not only athletic potential but also for temperament and personality, and she was very careful to show me only excellent options involving no compromises. Even with such high standards, she works quickly and, within a couple of weeks, had found two worth trying.

As soon as I sat on the first one, I learned that she knew far more about what makes a suitable pairing than I had previously realised it was possible to know. Despite a budget that would only accommodate a very green one, the one she found inspired immediate trust that I could rely on him to be a willing, kind, and generous member of the partnership. I decided to proceed with a PPE before I had even finished the drive home, and I never did try any others. He is my perfect Puzzle pony.

Tara Myers

Clare has this innate ability to match horse and riders based on a number of key factors. As you know, one horse is one equestrian’s dream come true and for another it can be not just a bad match, but potentially dangerous. That is where this ability can make such a huge impact on the outcome for the horse and rider. I have seen her match competition horses as well as pleasure mounts carefully taking into consideration both temperament, soundness and ability (horse and human).

Clare found me the perfect horse when even I didn’t know what I actually needed. Bijou is the perfect mix of sensible, sound and just enough personality for me to keep things interesting. He’s fancy enough and has the ability to do just about anything I can ask of him. Most importantly, I am riding, having fun and enjoying my horse to the utmost. This would not have been possible without her guidance and expertise and for that I am eternally grateful!

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