Walnut Farm Eventing


Professional upper level competitor, farm owner and trainer Clare Jackson is passionate about the development of each and every partnership. She is devoted to systematically improving the depth and breadth of knowledge of horse and rider and will help you accomplish your riding goals whether you are hoping to do your first starter level horse trial or move your horse up through FEI level events. Whilst Clare focuses on eventing she welcomes all disciplines.

We are excited to announce that Walnut Farm is relocating to Florida! Although still in the planning stages, the farm is now on the market. Details of the move will be shared here as they become available. Our current competition schedule is accurate and we will endeavor to support all students through the transition.

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  • Marla Pyle

    “As a mom and Pony Club leader, I especially appreciate Clare’s focus on safe, sensible riding.  I trust her not to overface either horse or rider. She has a very clear teaching style, understands the minds of both her equine and human pupils, and is pleasant and professional. Clare has trained green horses for us, introduced my daughter to eventing, and now is teaching me as an adult returning to riding after years off. Clare has thoughtfully approached each of these situations and helped improve both horse and rider. I am also thankful that we have been able to include her high quality instruction as part of our Pony Club’s lesson program. She works well with all levels of horses and riders.”

    Marla Pyle
  • Cori Lee

    “Since we started riding with “fair weather” Clare (meaning all weather is fair in her eyes), Madi has come to realize riding needs to take place in all weather, year round to keep a horse properly fit. Clare was also instrumental in finding this lovely young mare for us when Madi outgrew her eventing pony. Clare has done the training on this mare so she knew her potential and what type of rider she would work well for. And while the horse is green, she did a fantastic job matching the skills of the rider with the ability and temperament of the horse. Madi’s riding and knowledge has improved drastically since she started riding under Clare’s instruction.”

    Cori Lee
  • Melina Mueller

    “Clare is everything I could possibly want in a coach. Witty and polite, but most importantly knowledgeable and excellent at sharing that knowledge in an easy to understand manner. She has high expectations and encourages her riders to raise the bar. At the end of every cross country schooling my horse and I feel accomplished and positive.”

    Melina Mueller
  • Heather M.

    “After about half a year of lessons with Clare on a friend’s dressage horse, I had been impressed enough with her skill and depth of knowledge to begin horse shopping with her. While prepared for a 6-9 month journey, Clare was able to find a horse in the first month of her search. I felt like she took the time to observe my riding style in lessons, listen to my horse history as well as goals, and consider all of the other factors in my life (kids!!!) that would impact what sort of horse was right for me.

    Her extensive contacts and good eye brought us to a great horse on our first trip! He is the right combination of education and ability that makes him a blast to ride with the patience to teach me a new sport (jumping/eventing).

    Having never used a professional to find a horse before, I can say that I was more than satisfied with the experience. Clare is a professional through and through and has the years of experience and contact list to make the process successful. Thank you Clare!”

    Heather M.
  • Jeanne Saddler B.S. RT(R)ARRT

    “Clare Walker is a spectacular horse trainer and riding instructor. My assertions are the result of my experiences with her over multiple years.

    I was first attracted to work with Clare when I found out that she held British certifications as both a trainer and as an instructor. I am aware of the rigorous process of this accomplishment because of my years of involvement in animal training. The depth of her education and breadth of her experience is unrivaled. She combines her knowledge with her ability to meet her human and equine students at whatever level they are currently working and design a program to develop their communication and skills towards goals set by the student.

    Because she competes in eventing at a high level, she is able to prepare and advise those students whose goals include competition. I personally appreciate that a desire to compete is not a prerequisite to receive the same high quality of instruction as her show bound students. She is able to deliver instruction tailored to the experience, education, and riding ability of the rider in front of her at that moment. She is the only trainer in Kansas I have found with whom I can have an intelligent conversation about training and the application of behavior analysis to the issue at hand. Her willingness to remain open minded about various training approaches is refreshing. Her willingness to explore alternative techniques guarantees she will continue to grow in her, already impressive, skills and abilities.

    She has the ability to sense when to encourage and support her student, and when to become a bit firm and ask him or her to push the boundaries of one’s comfort zone a bit. When she does ask for greater effort it is to help the student progress his or her goals, not some agenda of which the student is unaware. She has helped me persevere through some challenges and make breakthroughs with both Treasure and Illusion, the Gypsy Cobs my husband and I own. And yet she understands, and is perfectly fine with, the notion that my priority is the enjoyment of this passion, which means I might choose not to ride in some of the extremes of temperature we have in Kansas.

    It has been my experience that Clare is quick to acknowledge the work we have done between lessons. She delivers a fantastic product. I have been so pleased with the progress my husband has made as he transitions from western to dressage. Both of our horses have been greatly improved through our involvement with Clare. The highest praise I can give is that every piece of advice I have heard her deliver, to myself and others at our barn, has been scientifically sound and consistent with the principles of Applied Operant Conditioning. Her training techniques for both horse and rider are well proven, carefully chosen, appropriate for the individual and clearly influenced by a classical perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend Clare as the trainer and instructor of choice for riders and horses of any level.”

    Jeanne Saddler B.S. RT(R)ARRT
  • Karl E. Frees, DVM, MS, DACVS

    If you are an equestrian looking for a trainer, a riding instructor, or a professional to assist you in the search for the right horse partner; let me say a few words about Clare Walker of Walnut Farm:

    I’ve known Clare for over a decade. I see Clare as the consummate horsewoman; independent but gregarious, competitive but supportive, exacting but kind, and above all – fiercely dedicated to the well being of her equine charges and to her students.

    Clare hails from England and made her way to Kansas to strike out on her own and has built an impressive business and facility from the ground up.  She has been successful because of her intelligence, her heart, hard work, and through the solid and lasting relationships she has forged with pupils and colleagues alike. I see Clare as a marvelous mix of the British grit and iron-clad determination of Margaret Thatcher, peppered with the American adventurous spirit and drive of Amelia Earhart and the resourcefulness of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Basically, an English-Pioneer who you can rely on.

    Clare describes her wonderful event horse Chinook as an easy-going chap who turns into a Fire Breathing Dragon when he enters the box… I think the reason they are such an amazing team is that they are kindred spirits.

    Give Clare a call for all things horse, you can be sure you will enjoy and learn from the experience.

    Karl E. Frees, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Margene K. Swarts

    I have been fortunate to know and train with Clare Walker for several years. I believe her to be a multi-talented trainer and the consummate professional. However, I think her most notable gift may be her ability to match riders and horses for a successful partnership.

    I have been a fortunate recipient of two such pairings in my adult riding career. In both cases, she correctly assessed my current abilities and goals and was able to translate those needs to find the appropriate horse for me.

    I am also aware of such relationships she has furthered for some of my friends and other riders, regardless of their riding ability and/or competitive goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Clare for this process for any rider looking for a horse partner. Certainly, I will take advantage of this expertise should I need it in the future.

    Margene K. Swarts